Jul. 19th, 2010

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Saturday was the Fetish Fair Fleamarket, and I figured that was a good occasion for Shirley's second outing. (In that crowd it wouldn't matter if I didn't get it perfect!) I arrived in male clothing around 8 because I worked load-in; that's lots of heavy lifting of stuff out of people's vehicles and into the building, not work to do in a silk skirt. I was scheduled to end that at 11, but things were slow so I cut out a few minutes early and headed off to the men's room (irony there?) to transform: shave, put on makeup, and change my outfit. After a while I emerged, in a pink camisole, a purple silk skirt, and the red high heels that I had been practicing in for a while. I had on my Shirley jewelry (the same pieces I wore the previous night) but then I saw a pretty necklace at Columbine's table, so I bought that and let her put it on me. I wandered around the booths until 1, trying on a corset along the way (ooh, curves -- fun!), worked another shift in the volunteer lounge from 1 to 3 (and took off the heels for a while), then went back out to talk to people and catch a couple of demos. (Bendyyogagirl was fun to watch in action, and the erotic hypnosis demo was seriously hot - Julie was either having a REALLY good time or was good at faking it.) A bit past 5 my girlfriend came by, so I left the Flea and took my heels back off (heels + cobblestones = epic fail); we went down Tremont St looking for a place to eat and ended up choosing the Addis Red Sea which was right across the street from where we started. After that, we walked over to the Common, talked for a while, then took the train home.

So... another day out, and another rather public one (there were lots of people I know at the Flea), being with the girlfriend as Shirley for the first time, and the train ride home. And another whole bunch of fun! It's going to be hard to wait for the next occasion at this rate, though nothing is currently on the agenda before SLCC.
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I just outed myself in the other direction (on my other LJ) and my RL identity is going to be thoroughly out in four weeks at SLCC, so here goes. You can read about my RL self at [livejournal.com profile] pryder or my web site.


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