Jun. 30th, 2010

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I'm going to be at my girlfriend's house and thus away from the reference scale, so I did the measurements for this cycle today. Might have had a bit of extra weight loss due to a morning session of, um, exercise -- oh, let's not be coy, hot passionate sex -- before the weigh-in.

Another two pounds lost; that's 10 total. An inch from the bust (I didn't think I HAD an inch to lose there, that size is mostly a matter of ribs). Half an inch from the waist. And OMG, for the first time ever I can measure some change to the belly (I measure at the biggest point, which on me is right around the belly button) and the hips, an inch from each!!

Six more days to go on this program. The author claims you can lose "up to 25 pounds", but I always take such claims with a grain of salt; I figured anything over 10 would be amazing and wonderful. I'm already there with another cycle left for more, yay me!
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I've gone maybe just a little wild ordering things... the pretty that arrived today is a silk print dress, in a floral pattern of blue, pink, yellow, and black. It was merely expensive through a bargain shopping site, rather than hideously expensive as it would have been. I got the size right (I might have even been able to go a size SMALLER though I think it's fine as it is); it fits comfortably on top, and I've got enough of a waist now to get into it in the middle though I expect to look even better by SLCC. (It's not a tightly fitted dress anyway.) And it looks BEAUTIFUL; bold colors, drapes and moves well, it's a perfect Shirley outfit. (This isn't the one that actually looks like one of my in-world outfits. That will arrive later and will be my outfit for the Avatar Ball.) Squee!

RL pics in a couple of weeks, after I come back from a camping gathering; I don't want to change my presentation in RL until after that because I don't want the weekend to be about my story. Yes, that means that my RL identity is going to be out, but it's going to be soon enough anyway with a public appearance coming up.


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