May. 14th, 2010

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My RL wife died yesterday. As deaths go, it was a good one; she died at home, with family attending (including me), and the really bad part of her illness was brief. There was less than a month between loss of (at least mostly) self-sufficience and death.

I've been scarce here in Second Life recently, and now you know why. Partly it's that the time demands of taking care of her in her final months made it harder for me to find time to be here -- and not just the quantity of time, but the fact that she could need my help at any time, immediately. But beyond that, it was the person that the imminent end was turning me into -- all my conversations had turned into my grumbling about how unhappy I was. Maybe that sort of gloom is what my RL self is about a lot of the time, but it's not what being Shirley is about, and I just couldn't be the happy, positive person that Shirley is.

After the acute stage of grief and the time demands of dealing with the aftermath of her death is past, I hope to be more present here in Second Life and reconnect with all my wonderful friends here.


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