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The good: I've been out and about and doing things. Acceptance continues to happen. Intolerance doesn't; I know it's still lurking out there somewhere but I've been spared so far. I had a busy weekend; highlights were seeing Promethius Bound (see [ profile] pryder for a review) and attending Alt.Share, a small conference on sexuality that was modeled on Bar Camp. (Speaking of Bar Camp, it's this weekend! This year I'll go on Saturday but not Sunday because Sunday is our game day at home.) I'm learning how to be more at home in my new way of living; I've been smiling at children, being friendly to store clerks, and remembering to thank my housemates for taking care of things around here.

The bad: I'm still broke. The whole job seeking thing still terrifies me (being an atypical woman instead of an atypical man hasn't made it any better) and I still have a sketchy work background. But all that bad stuff was in my life before transition and I didn't expect living as a woman to magically fix it.

The temporarily bad: I miss my girlfriend. She's been away for a couple of weeks catching up with things from her past life before she moved to Boston. I feel undersnuggled.

Date: 2017-04-06 08:25 pm (UTC)
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