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We're at the original official end of Shirley Week, though I'm going to stretch it into a Beatles Week (eight days) because there is a dance I want to go to tonight. But I'll write about it now anyway :)

So... what was living as a woman?

Dancing at a contra dance and SCA Renaissance practice
Seeing the Vagina Monologues for the first time and being brought to tears by the transgender one
Going fabric shopping with a house guest, another friend, and a housemate
Trying on and buying girly jeans
New Betsey Johnson panties
Spending more time doing laundry because of all the delicate items
Extra attention to shaving
Putting on makeup (but no eye makeup this week, I'm having a flareup of a recurring eye condition)
Being brought to tears at a greeting card rack
Going out to the movies (The King's Speech) with a housemate during the Super Bowl
Freaking out a little girl at the subway station (she saw me and hid behind her mother)
Buying groceries and makeup and plastic hangers
Eating more sensibly because Shirley cares about how she looks and feels
Walking nearly everywhere in warm snow boots with heels that come to just below the knee
Showing up at Great Council in a little red dress and a pearl necklace
Ruining a pair of cheap knee-high stockings by walking in them too much
Spending four hours at the dentist and being calm about it
Telling the dentist the two minute version of what's going on
Going crazy over cheap jewelry at Forever 21
Seeing the eye doctor
Bouncing (fake) boobs at morris practice
Eating Tosci's and BerryLine
Listening to Bring Me To Life by Evanescence and being brought to tears (sensing a theme here?)
Hugging a male friend and suddenly having it feel different
Being loved and accepted by all my friends!

So, what was it? One of the most extraordinary ordinary weeks of my life. Now I have to figure out how much of the wonderfulness was that I'm coming closer to being my true self, and how much was a result of everything being shiny and new.
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