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Odd experience: people actually seem MORE likely to sit next to me on the T when I'm dressed as Shirley than when I'm there as Mark. Since I'm sure that I'm still pretty easily read at this point, I'm totally mind-boggled by that. Maybe it's the body language; when I'm Shirley I occupy less space, so it might look like the space near me is more available.

Then again, maybe I overestimate how easily I'm read. Back in October I went to a concert by LezleeAnne ( ), a transgendered musician. It was out in Waltham; I took the train and had to walk a few blocks to the concert site. On the way back to the train, a guy driving by called out a compliment (which I accepted gracefully, of course, the SCA has trained me well!), and I totally don't know whether he was being honest or making fun of me. Whether or not he was being a proper gentleman, I behaved as a proper lady :) It was a busy area so I didn't feel threatened, and I don't remember the exact words but it was a pleasant compliment and not a rude one. (But I've been conditioned by years of SCA experience where people say lots of nice things about each other; I'm naturally inclined to trust the intentions of somebody who has a kind word for me.)
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