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My appetite continues to be small. This is a Good Thing. Yesterday I stuck with the small meals and was satisfied. This morning I made up a pasta side dish package (what can I say, my breakfast choices aren't always conventional); in the past I'd have wolfed down the whole thing, but today I put half aside for a later meal. I'm hoping that if I stick with the small meals it will stay this way, it will make maintaining my girlish figure so much easier! Though it will make dining out harder; I'll have to become best friends with doggie bags. I'm still a girl of means, by no means queen of the road; throwing away large amounts of food isn't happening. Not to mention all that childhood propaganda about starving children in Africa and not wasting food.

I took a rest day from exercising yesterday; I was really exhausted from the heat because it got close to 100 degrees here. (As I said, my heat tolerance seems to have improved, but there are limits!) But I'll be back at it right after I get off the computer this morning; the belly results are sufficiently encouraging that I want to see more.


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