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I've gone maybe just a little wild ordering things... the pretty that arrived today is a silk print dress, in a floral pattern of blue, pink, yellow, and black. It was merely expensive through a bargain shopping site, rather than hideously expensive as it would have been. I got the size right (I might have even been able to go a size SMALLER though I think it's fine as it is); it fits comfortably on top, and I've got enough of a waist now to get into it in the middle though I expect to look even better by SLCC. (It's not a tightly fitted dress anyway.) And it looks BEAUTIFUL; bold colors, drapes and moves well, it's a perfect Shirley outfit. (This isn't the one that actually looks like one of my in-world outfits. That will arrive later and will be my outfit for the Avatar Ball.) Squee!

RL pics in a couple of weeks, after I come back from a camping gathering; I don't want to change my presentation in RL until after that because I don't want the weekend to be about my story. Yes, that means that my RL identity is going to be out, but it's going to be soon enough anyway with a public appearance coming up.


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